Monday, April 27, 2009

Headed to Historicon!

Well I just reserved my hotel suite for my son and I to attend Historicon 2009 in York, PA this July...I am beyond excited about it. If you've never heard of Historicon it is pretty much the largest yearly wargame convention in the country.

I plan to not only partake in a few games there but to bring back great ideas for the club. They also have an entire hall of wargaming merchandise which I will certainly take advantage of. Click the links below for more information. (convention site) (photos of last year)

In addition, my son and I will make a side trip the U.S. Army Ordinance Museum in Kentucky which features loads of WWII tanks from all nations!(I've always wanted to see a Panther tank up close and personal!) (museum home page)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Roadways is a shot of the collection of new roadway sections. In total they connect to create several yards of road...plenty to cover our game tables. Note that I created many straight sections of different sizes, two large curves, two small curves, a divergent road section, four-way crossing and "T" section. I like the way they turned out...if anyone would like to know how I made them just drop me an email.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vineyard and New Road Sections

Over break I experimented with a lot of terrain modeling techniques. Here is a vineyard that I constructed...

I didn't like the look of the old road sections so I made an entirely new set. Here is a preview...

In the corners are teasers of other new terrain additions that I will detail in future posts(harvested field-upper left, tall grass-upper right, cemetary and bushes-lower left).

River Ford and German Rifle Squad

Here is a new terrain piece that I has become increasingly clear from club play that we needed another river crossing(so I made this ford piece to fit with our river terrain).
It's been two years since I painted 20mm figures so I am a bit rusty...but here's five new Germans(4xrifles,1xofficer w/pistol) for our battles(miniatures by Fantassin(now "War Modelling").

Spring Break Eastern Front Action

Here are some pics from some games that my son and I had over Spring Break. Gareth played the Soviets and I was the Germans. He beat me in three consecutive skirmishes...yeah, he owned me!

And finally, Gareth's Soviets , led by an officer, prepare to storm the church and finish off my "hanger ons". Note the destroyed Panzer III in the road...finished off by a T-34 down the road(easy pickings for the Reds!).