Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dirt Roads Terrain Tutorial

I had some people on my Youtube channel asking me how I made my dirt roads that are in some of my battle reports. As I finally got around to doing a terrain tutorial on these I thought I'd mention it here.  My approach is simple, quick and inexpensive. Though it's nothing ground-breaking, it yields nice results for anyone looking to crank out some nice scenery in a short amount of time.

The materials used are...
-matting board
-sand/kitty litter
-grass flocking

You can see a two part video tutorial on how to make these road sections, here...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Terrain Tutorial: Mucky Swamp

Inspired by my Mariner base, I wanted to create a nice swamp terrain piece for my Warmachine boards.  I have made some of these in the past but with much more crude techniques- so I wanted to "take it to the next level".  The project was a simple one using the following materials:
-hardboard(1/8") (for the base)
-spackle a.ka.a. "filler"(for embankment)
-twigs(for downed trees)
-small stones(for rocks)
-dress pins and green stuff(for cattails)
-make-up brush strands(for field grass)
-green stuff(for lily pads)
-sand/kitty litter mix(for dirt texture)
-Envirotex Lite(for water effect)

I was happy with the finished product.  If you want a step-by-step tutorial, be sure to scroll down to the embedded videos or click here...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warmachine Battle Report: 25pt Stryker v. Irusk

After a string of embarrassing, decisive losses, the chain has been broken; my Khadorians have finally triumphed! GDog played Cygnar and chose Stryker as his warcaster, while I brought Irusk with his red horde in tow.  It was a great game.   From the beginning I was used the nice range of my Winterguard Mortar Crew and Bull to slice up his infantry.  However, once the heavies were engaged, his Ironclad and Mule were getting the better of my Destroyer and Juggernaut.  However, in the end, superior numbers allowed me to give him too many targets, and for me to nip away at Stryker.

See the full video Battle Report below(double click to open in a regular window):

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Figure Feature: Mariner

Envisioning my Mariner as a forgotten 'jack tucked away amongst the refuse of a dockside warehouse, I wanted to give it a "mucky", dirty and rusted look as if its only barely fit for duty. I want the thing to look like it's going to creak and grind as its oxidized limbs try to move the behemoth inland from the marshy coast.
(scroll down for video)

I went a little rust crazy(and muck crazy) to get the effect I was looking for...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Introducing: Tiny Townsfolk...

My quest to find suitable "townspeople" and civilians to populate my Iron Kingdoms terrain has led me to discover a plethora of great figures that fit this theme.  Knowing that there may be others out there interested in similar figures I will share my discoveries with others through Iron Kingdoms at War's new sister blog: Tiny Townfolk.  Be sure to visit the link below to see the blog:
Tiny Townsfolk Blog

I will regularly update the blog with newly painted figures and point you to where you can acquire these figures if interested.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Figure Feature: Sam MacHorne & The Devil Dogs

Having decided to build a Highborn Covenant Merc Army I was immediately attracted to the very versatile and tactically useful Devil Dogs unit.  In addition to their array of melee, ranged and special abilities, as well as their solid stat line, Sam is a Jack Marshall who can drive up to two Merc Warjacks.  Essentially, that means the Devil Dogs are practically an army in their own right when on the field.

The Slug Guns of the Devil Dogs are VERY short range but high power weapons, but the Pick Axes they all carry for melee deal extra damage to knocked down models- convenient given that one of the Dogs carries a metal net with which to knock down enemy 'jacks.

They were a pleasure to paint, and each sculpt in the six figure box set is a unique sculpt.  Click below to see my "Video Figure Feature" for more information...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Terrain Tutorial: Rocky Outcroppings

Recently I completed a "Rocky Outcropping" piece of difficult terrain for my Warmachine battlefields. It is mainly comprised of blue styrofoam(2") boulders plastered with Liquitex Stucco(for the stone effect). I designed the piece not as a solid obstacle but to allow for the movement of minis through the terrain(with cover). I may add a little foliage, but its already a functional bit of terrain.  This is a great alternative to similar pieces made by Pegasus Hobbies, and you can knock these off in no time!
Below are some stills, but please be sure to check out my video tutorials for more information...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rural Homestead Terrain

I recently completed a small "Rural Homestead" which consists of a small cottage with adjoining stone walls on a slight elevation. It has a squarish base as I was going for the "wargamey" over "realism" approach. Below are some stills, but if you scroll down you can see a four part tutorial on how to make the piece as well as a video describing its painting/flocking...

Video Tutorials