Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blitzkrieg Battles!

Here I will document the many battles and upcoming events that will grace our 20mm battlefields. I will begin with a sneak peek at some American G.I.'s who have just been painted and will be seeing action in club come February(click on the image for larger pic).
Above are also some new German Fallschirmjager(paratroopers) who will see action thsi Friday for the first time. They are by Sergeant Majors Miniatures...a relatively new figure producer. In total, 30 new combat-ready Soviets and Germans will be in this week's battle.

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  1. Hi Mr. Smith! I really like your Blitzkreig blog and thanks for keeping me updated on the American soldiers (Mabye we can have an American officer named "Ruff"). Good luck on finishing your American soldiers, as well as the factory that you have been working hard on. By the way, Matt Chu has been mapping out a possible battle scenario for the next club meeting in case you want to use it. Well, I'll talk to you later and I hope we have another club meeting soon. (1/9/07)