Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tau...For the Greater Good

O.K., so some say they are interstellar communists, but I just like their "Samurai meets Mechwarrior" appearance! For the last couple of months I've been working on a Tau Battleforce and I am pretty happy with the results. Now though I admit they aren't an easy army to play, especially once close combat occurs, I like the raw power of their weaponry and their versatile battlesuits! I decided on a unique paint scheme for this army with a "Fall Forest" pattern. The narrative is that these Tau have chosen a camo scheme to match the autumn woods that they are skirmishing in. I used birch catkin seed pods to make custom 'leaves" for the bases as well as tree roots made from GW green stuff(click on the first two pictures for a closer look at the bases).

Firewarrior squad...

Crisis Battlesuit and Firewarriors

Two Battlesuits....

Stealthsuits- infiltrators for the Tau!...

A Hammerhead heavy support vehicle...

I have also worked on some Kroot, but I will save them for a future post.

So far I have made and painted...
12 Firewarriors
3 Stealthsuits
2 Crisis Battlesuits
1 Hammerhead/Devilfish
6 Kroot Warriors

On my workbench I still am working on...
1 Devilfish troop carrier
6 Kroot Hounds
1 Krootox

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