Friday, March 18, 2011

A Year's Progress...

Well, I've been painting Warmachine miniatures for about a year now, having adding Hordes into the mix this past Christmas.  Here's  a screenshot of my Collection Manager from the Forward Kommander program for a sense of what I have done...

 (yeah, that's 188 WM/H minis that I own now)
As you can see I've accomplished a lot...but I have many unpainted minis awaiting my brushes.  I keep my "minis in waiting" on pegs on the wall...
As my collection list above shows, I really like "dabbling" in building many armies rather than specialize in one faction.  Actually my big Merc(and growing Minion) collection speaks to I like to fill out many of my faction armies with Merc/Minion support.    I've really enjoyed approaching the hobby this keeps me from getting bored with the same scheme(red for Khador, blue for Cygnar, etc.) and allows to me to pick and choose some of my favorite sculpts.  Plus, its fun to hop around from faction to faction and grow my armies little by litte.

So what's in the works right now?....


  1. Oh yeah! Circle Badness on the rise!

  2. Nice post. I must do something similar soon. I have a good few factions myself, but I'm pretty much fully painted except for some outstanding Legion bits. Bulking out existing factions with mercs is a great idea and is the main reason I collected the pirates.

    Keep up the good work,


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