Saturday, October 03, 2009

Warhammer 40K Terrain Part II: Crashed Pod

Straying from my GW terrain for a second, I wanted to post a couple of pics of a simple, little side project I did recently. When you get into making terrain, you quickly adapt to having an eye for turning household junk into scenery gold!; I consider it the "alchemy" of the miniatures hobby world! I was looking at an old Gatorade bottle and a thought formed...
That's right- an escape pod. It was a simple idea that involved cuttin off the top of the bottle at a 45 degree angle, attaching it to some cardboard, and using a "baby bottle pop" lid as an exhaust nozzle(that one of the kids had discarded after his tasty treat). A little spackle to build up the earth around impact, a little static grass and some painting later- boom, a crashed escape pod.

There are many variations one could perform on this concept. I thought of an exposed interior compartment having been vacated by the survivors...or even some non-survivors in the capsule. In the end, I opted for a simple interior electronic section being visible through an exposed hatch. The narrative here is that the crew never made it out, the capsule being too deeply embedded in the ground...but scavengers came along and sought to see what they could salvage from the craft.

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