Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Shoutouts to Two Amazing Artists...

In case you never noticed the links to the side, I'd like to point out the amazing work of two gifted miniature painters whose sites I visit often.  Looking at their painted minis can be humbling but it also serves as inspiration to improve my own work.  If you think you're good, be sure to look at their skills for a reality check.

First up is Marike Reimer who can do things with a paint brush that I didn't think was possible...
(be sure to click on the image twice to see the mini its its full-blown glory)
Visit her site "Destroyer Miniatures" and take a look at her gallery!

Equally impressive is the also award-winning work of Jen Haley who also impresses with her skills...
You can visit her wonderful site, Paintrix Miniatures,  to see her great gallery and read her interesting personal background story. 

I normally reserve my blog for my own painted minis and terrain pieces but sometimes you need to take a moment to pay homage to the  masters who "push the envelope" in the miniatures painting hobby.  If I ever come by some disposable cash, I'll be emailing both of those ladies for commissioned pieces for a display case! 

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