Sunday, January 30, 2011

Figure Feature: Farrow Brigands

I'd say of all the Hordes unit models the Farrow Brigands have to be my favorite.  They of course are the meat and potatoes pig-men "shootey" unit of the Thornfall Alliance Minions.

The Farrow Brigands stat line reads a lot like the Cygnar trenchers including the "Dig In" ability.  However, they are a Minions units that will work for ALL FOUR of the core Hordes factions which is pretty cool.

The leader of the unit(pictured in the middle above) can say a different Prayer each turn buffing the figures in a different way(for various offensive/defensive perks).
I know many people are gaga for the Blindwater gators but I think the Farrows are more my style- in fact I might even build a Thornfall army in good time.  In the meantime, these guys will be some core support for my small but growing Trollbloods army. 

Click below for a video of this Figure Feature:

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