Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nine in the Nick of Time

Well I finally finished painting a few more figures. These G.I.'s complete my 20mm American force for now but I'm sure I'll do more down the line. They are a mixture of Fantassin(War Modelling), Sgt.Majors and Sojers.

The five figures below are the Sojers models. I'd just recently purchased some to see if I liked them and I must say that I do (click on the picture for a larger view). Though the poses are a bit simple, the figures are crisp and detailed- easy to paint! I especially like the prone BAR gunner and the rifle grenade-armed figure.

Well they are done just in time for our Blitzkrieg skirmish game tomorrow. I also recently finished several rural structures that I will show in the blog in the coming days.

With summer break nearly upon me I must plan what I wish to make while on vacation. Here are some things I am considering:
20mm(1/72) Jagdpanthers & M10 Wolverines(ordered and on the way)
15mm Romans-finish DBA Army
15mm Carthaginians-purchase and complete DBA Army
20mm WWII Tommies-purchase and begin
20mm(1/72) WWII British Armor-purchase and complete
and I am considering...British Commandos, US Airborne, British Airborne
We'll see what happens!

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