Monday, June 01, 2009

Soviet Armor Arrives...

I recently received some Soviet tanks that I built and painted up for 20mm Blitzkrieg games. first up is a SU-152 Assault Gun. This super heavy tank had a 152mm gun- though it had a notoriously slow rate of fire(the charge and shell were loaded seperately); in our game it therefore can fire every other turn. That being said, it is a beast that has thick armor and delivers a punch. Soviet tank crews liked to paint slogans on the sides of their tanks...thanks to my Russian exchange student, Anton, I have accurately depicted the expression "Revenge" on the side of the SU-152.
These SU-85 tank hunters were simple emplacements of the 85mm gun on the T-34 chasis. Before the arrival of the 85mm-housing T-34 turret, the SU-85 beefed up the killing ability of Soviet tank divisions against heavy German armor. The slogans on these two tank hunters read, from left to right, "To Berlin!" and "Tiger Hunter" respectively.

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