Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rural Cottages

Here are a couple of rural structures that I am working on. I am continuing to enjoy working with the corkboard. Note that the chimneys are carved from pink styrofoam. I am trying two new techniques with these two models. First, I am using cut away segments of "hardware cloth" for window frames. This material comes in an immense roll that I will never use up in my lifetime!

The second technique is using coconut welcome mat for thatching on roofs. The example below is not trimmed up yet and needs a little refining but I am fairly happy with the effect. I much prefer it to the faux fur method that I have tried in the past.

On the other house you can see how I create the "stucco" walls. I apply the spackle(filler) between the timber frames. Make sure when you do this you go back and clear the spackle off the timers as much as possible. It is perfectly fine for the spackle to have an irregular surface- this is the stucco effect. I prefer the DAP DryDex brand available in many hardware stores- it goes on pink(as shown) but dries white. It also accepts paint very well.

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