Sunday, May 02, 2010

Brrrr! Frozen Pond Terrain

I recently put together a frozen pond for my winter gaming terrain(scroll to bottom for video).
 It was a real "throw together" project that I did on a whim, but I really like the result.  Construction was very easy...
-base was made from thick "For Sale" sign
-ridge around pond was made from plain white DAP caulking
(pebbles/field grass embedded within)
-ice effect was done using Envirotex
 I didn't need to paint the caulking(white will do for snow of course) but for the pond I...
-gave the whole thing a thick basecoat of white paint
-watered down some slate blue and worked it into the still wet white paint in a swirling pattern
(not photorealistic, but I wanted a "wargamey" piece with a hint of blue)
-sealed with Envirotex
You can't really tell from the photos but the Envirotex gives it a fitting, icey sheen.
Best of all, because we're talking all flexible materials(plastic sign, caulking, dried Envirotex), the piece is very durable and flexible as illustrated above- it'll last me forever.

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