Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Horgenhold Artillery Corps Figures!

I don't plan on typically using this blog to recirculate news from Privateer Press but the new figures shown on their site today are too awesome, I need to spread the word! ...
(click on picture for a bigger/clearer image)

The picture is from the Privateer Press website and here is their description...
"The clan lords of Rhul viewed the advent of artillery among the human nations of the Iron Kingdoms with amusement. The Rhulic Moot has traditionally taken a dim view of mercenary operations, but in recent years the profits certain clan lords have gained is difficult to dismiss. Certain provisions were made to allow Rhulic mercenaries abroad to equip themselves with siege cannons and other weapons of war. Their powerful mortars are extremely destructive and can be fired indirectly, giving the Rhulic army an intimidating ability to control the battlefield."

Wow, can't wait to field that in Rhulic Mercs army!  Plus, you have to love the female dwarf as the main gunner- women dwarves seem to get so little attention in fantasy worlds!   Check out the helmet on the dwarf on the left...very nice!  As always, the Privateer Press sculptors 'get' what games want, and create minis many of us can't wait to get our hands on!

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