Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reporting for Duty: Dirty Meg and Mule

I finally finished painting up Dirty Meg(Mercenary Solo/Jack Marshall) and a Mule(Mercenary Heavy Warjack).

To me Dirty Meg is a great bargain.  For two points you get not just a mechanic, but a merc Jack Marhsall that can bring friends to the party such as a Mule, Mariner, Nomad or any number of merc 'jacks!  I love the look of the Mule as well as its solid stats.  With a nice ranged attack, brutal melee attack and some nifty special abilities(not to mention solid armor), it's a solid choice.  For more information visit the Battle College entries for Dirty Meg and Mule

You can see how I painted them up in the Youtube vid below(best viewed in HD)...

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