Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reporting for Duty: Cygnarian Long Gunners and Unit Attachment

They're not going to overpower your foe, but with their dual shots and impressive range they will, at a minimum, agitate the opponent.  These guys were more difficult to paint that some of the other WM minis that I've done so far but I am pretty happy with the final effect.  Plus, you can take these lads in a Highborn Syndicate Mercenary Army! 

The bases for my Cygnarians are what I call my "Ancient Ruins" effect.  I covered half the base with a standard sand(which became dirt) that was flocked with a Spring colored static grass.  The other half was spackle into which I carved the ancient bricks. 

You can check out some stills below or my Youtube "Figure Feature" on these guys...


  1. Nice basing work on these guys, the cobbles/grass looks really well together

  2. Thanks loftybloke- I haven't broken down and bought any of the pre-fab scenic bases because I enjoy decorating them myself too much!