Sunday, December 12, 2010

Figure Feature: Grundback Gunners and Horgenhold Artillery Corps

Some of the greatest miniatures from the Warmachine line are the Rhulic(dwarven) forces from the Mercenaries faction.  Plenty of fantasy settings have mountain-dwelling, forge-oriented dwarves...but adding the "steampunk" element gives them an extra dash of character!
The Grundback Gunners are fun little light warjacks that I like to think of as "walking guns"- I mean look at them!  I do not yet have enough Rhulic units to field an entire Searforge army but I plan to jack marshall these gunners to my Hammerfall High Shields in the meantime in support of contract armies. 
I painted these guys the standard Hammerfall Khaki.  I wanted a clean, un-worn look but after my initial paintjob I decided to go back and given them a Gun Corps Brown wash to bring out the details a little more.

The newer Horgenhold Artillery Corps are some of my favorite Warmachine minis to date.  I decided to call the main gunner "Red" after the color I chose for her hair.  The armor was a combination of Hammerfall Khaki and Thornwood Green.  I like the poses of the 'support' minis- the loader and the troop directing the shot.  I used my usual baking soda-white glue-white paint mix to make the "snow" for the bases.
The only conversions I made to the model are visible from the rear.  I replaced "Red"'s axe with a sword from my bits box and made sandbags out of green stuff as a backstop to the mortar.  I am really looking forward to fielding this unit and the long-range punch that it packs.
And above you can see a "group shot" of my new Rhulics!

Double click on the video below for a full "Figure Feature" for these minis on my Youtube Channel...

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