Friday, December 31, 2010

Figure Feature: Protectorate Starting Army

So I finally finished painting up the core of my Protectorate of Menoth starting army.  Having already built a Cygnar, Khador and Merc force, this was my next big Warmachine project.

The models pictured above include the BattleBox minis(Kreoss, Repenter, Revenger, & Crusader(shown as a Templar)) with a Heavy Plastic Warjack kit added(shown as a Vanquisher) and the Choir of Menoth as well.  I also ordered the box set of Deliverers, but my first Delivers box actually contained Flameguard Cleansers by mistake.  I liked them so I kept them...and ordered an additional box of Deliverers(which were Deliverers!).  These two units are still unpainted(and thus not shown).

A couple of things I wanted to mention about painting.  First, Menoth White I found to be very tricky.  I used the painting technique suggested in the Forces of Warmachine book but as I start with a light grey primer and not a black one, my white ended up being too white so I had to adjust the approach a bit

Secondly, I chose a mosaic tile pattern for the base and I really liked the result.  The basing them was a partially ruined Menoth temple that was reclaimed by Menite forces(this the partial tile/rubble effect).
I had a lot of fun magnetizing the heavy warjacks using this tutorial made by Plarzoid at the Privateer Press forums . I highly recommend K&J Magnetics for the magnets...great website, prices and prompt shipping. At any time I can run any two of the following in a battle now: Crusader, Crusader, Vanquisher, Templar.  I call these guys my "Protectorate Action Figures" because of the nice, pose-able articulation that comes with magnetizing them. 
I really like the Choir of Menoth figures- another example of Privateer Press having the best mini sculpts around! 
I am excited to add to this army and I look forward to fielding it of course.  For now I am on to Trollbloods but all of my armies, including the Protectorate one, will continue to receive reinforcements of course.

Kreoss and company emerge from the forest, ready to deal death to the Morrowan heretics!

For a more detailed description view the video version of this Figure Feature below...


  1. Hey Where is the Trollbloods you promised, huh?? j/k Love the paint job. I ran into the same problem with Menoth white. I like the the bases

  2. Great lookin' force! I like the idea of magnetizing the BB and Heavy Kit - it gives you loads of versatility. The Mosaic bases turned out great too. Which unit is next, the Cleansers or the Deliverers?

  3. @Plarzoid
    Thanks again for your tutorial- made it easy(and fun). As for what's next I have a big decision to make. My Cleansers and Deliverers are awaiting painting but for Christmas I got around 30 pts of Trollbloods(who I've been itching to start). So, as usual, too many minis...too little time=tough choices!

  4. Those turned out great! Is that just the basic P3 Menoth red you used? I like the shade.

  5. @burb1996
    Yeah I used Sanguine Base(Red) for the basecoat and shaded up with a mix of Sanguise Base/Sanguise Highlight and then just Sanguine Highlight.

  6. Hey, just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. Your minis look awesome!