Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Terrain Walkthru: Khadorian War Memorial

I put together a simple little "Khadorian War Memorial" monument the other day(two versions as you can see below) as a little side project while painting up some Trenchers. Well of course I got carried away and the terrain became my main project and the minis my side project(as usual).

The idea was to create a village monument to fallen soldiers where their surviving loved ones could express their remembrance.
The idea of the candles was that loved ones would burn a candle, say prayer, use some wax runoff to affix a 'letter of remembrance' to the base of the statue and then affix the candle. My three red candles are to honor the fallen and the yellow candle(with no matching letter) is to honor a still-serving Khadorian son or daughter.
 And here's just another look from the back.
I also put together a "destroyed" version of the memorial with a summer motif.
The story here is that some Cygnarian invaders(or perhaps spiteful Llaelese resistance types?) laid into the memorial and wrecked it.

For a complete video walk-thru discussing the construction, painting and detailing of these pieces double-click on the link below to my Youtube video...

 Happy Wargaming Everybody!

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  1. I think this very cool. And I am very excited you are getting into PoM. Perhaps we'll see a Menofix soon? ;) Keep up the good work. love your channel.

    Daniel Nelson