Thursday, January 20, 2011

Figure Feature: Deliverers

The first time I browsed Privateer Press' website I loved the look of the Deliverers unit!  To be honest the Protectorate of Menoth wasn't a faction I was in a hurry to play but eventually I got around to them and of course, that meant it was time to paint up some Deliverers! 
The Deliverers, like the other bread-and-butter Menite militia, Zealots, have a nice Arabian-Steampunk look to them befitting desert fighters.  I went with a traditional paint scheme because I think the Sanguine/Menoth White/Black them is full of style. 
 One of the best things about these guys was assembly...none!  That's right, all of the models are one piece so you just slot them into their bases, texture up said and paint!  As far as in-game- well they all fire blast radius rockets(Skyhammers, AoE=3) that can play havoc with an enemy advance...notoriously inaccurate but, hey, there's enough of them to blanket an area effectively!

For a video of my Deliverers, click below...


  1. Ah nice I will have to pick up a unit of these soon so! I had avoided them thinking, as with most Privateer Press products, that there would be a lot of prepartaion and clean up.
    As there isn't thats a big bonus. Plus they are the only thing from Prime I don't have.

  2. It'll be interesting to see how they fare in timed turns at Templecon, but with the Rocket Volley option they should be quite viable.