Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warmachine: Passing On the Awesome

Today I had a great time passing on to the students in my miniature gaming club(at the high school where I teach) the awesomeness of Warmachine.  We had two small 18 to 25 pt. skirmish games and the students really picked up the basics rather quickly.
(excuse the blurry pics, used my camera phone)
One table saw a small Khadorian army led by Sorscha take on a Highborn Convenant Merc force led by Ashlynn.  The students did a nice job learning the basics of running, attacking, boosting and jack-marshalling(Hammerfall Highshields took a couple of Gunners).
In the end the Khadorian heavies were too much to handle(although the Mariner beat up the Destroyer pretty well).  It was said to see some of my favorite merc units(Highshields and Devil Dogs) get beat up a little...but they put up a valiant fight!

At the second table the other students had an evenly matched Protectorate vs. Cygnar battle. The Menite heavies(Vanquisher & Crusader) did a nice job while the choir of Menoth sung songs of battle to buff their attacks.

This battle ended in a stalemate(ran out of time) but it wasn't for lack of aggression.  Stryker repeatedly unleashed Earthquake while Kreoss responded with often Cleansing Fire.  The Vanquisher and Ironclad locked onto each other in close combat while the Lancer and Revenger repeatedly thrusted and parried with their polearms. 
The students at this table quickly(and impressively) gained a knowledge of spell-casting, 'jack-buffing and combat modifiers.

It was a lot of fun watching several students learn the game and I look forward to them passing on what they know to others in the club.  There's still much to learn, but in a couple of hours time they've mastered the basics and clearly have gained a sense of how different RATS, MATS, DEFS and ARMS affect the game.

It's a game that is simple enough to pick up and enjoy quickly but strategically deep enough to never grow old- that's the greatness of Warmachine!

Update: One of my students was nice enough to send some pics of our battles...he has a much nicer phone(and therefore better photos) than I...

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  1. Thats some nice terrain you have there! I will have to inspect this blog further for some more pictures!