Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anglo-Dane Hearthguard Table Ready

In my quest to complete two warbands for SAGA, I have begun painting my Anglo-Danes.  I hope to have the core of both(Viking and Anglo-Danes) done before the end of the school year to roll out to my club. 

The four below are from Gripping Beast's plastic "Saxon Thegns" set...
I have decided to make the Warband base lip colors vary for each faction to match the color of their SAGA dice.  Of course, some factions share dice, so I'll have to be creative down the line.  The main reason I am doing this because the kit is so similar for Dark Ages warriors for many of the factions, I wanted a quick way for new players to tell "who is who". 
I didn't like how the "magic wash" was blunting the hues of my Vikings figures so for these guys I am only apply the wash to target areas where I want some shadings(mainly metal and wood surfaces as well as the shields). Here are some individual pics...
Next up  on my painting table are some Huscarls for the Anglo-Danes as well as my Viking warlord. I purchased an Anglo-Danish command pack from Architects of War which, with four figures for under $10, is a nice deal.

Thanks for viewing everyone.
Comments are always welcome and appreciated....


  1. I like the idea of using different base colour codes for each faction! These are nice looking figures

  2. Thanks very much for the kind words.

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    They look great! I'm really considering picking up a starter faction from this, as my preferred local store is finally getting the range in.

    As for the bases, I love how they look with the edges painted up as per the faction. I've been doing this with my skirmish game models (Malifaux, Dark Age, Warmachine). It adds a nice element of unity to the faction, and ties it to its 'colour.'