Sunday, April 28, 2013

Viking Warlord...4 pt Warband complete!

O.K., a four point SAGA warband is small but it should be perfect for teaching the rules to the gaming club.  I finally finished up my Gripping Beast plastic Viking warlord to complete my small warband.  I have blisters of Viking berserkers and archers to grow the group in the near future....but at least what I have can be thrown down for a small game.  On this model I made heavy of Reaper Model Color triads on this particular figure(for the hair, flesh, white tunic and green cape).  
To spice him up a little but I added a custom strap to his shield and added some arrows to his base(made from sewing pins and green stuff). 
And here he is with a unit of hearthguard as escorts...
I am now nine figures away from having my 4 pts Anglo-Dane warband done...having painted a total of 33 figures in about five weeks(not bad all things considered).  Now if I can just remain disciplined enough to complete this project before my Infinity rulebook arrives and I get excited about the next game system....

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  1. Thanks for posting the Viking warlord. I have just assembled that miniature for my SAGA demo band. Always love to see how others paint the same figure as me.