Monday, April 01, 2013

Viking Warriors for Saga(1/2 point)

My endeavor to complete the painting of a small Viking warband for Saga over my vacation continues.  This time, I've done 1/2 a unit of Viking Warriors...
(click photos for larger images)
These figures were also plastics but from Wargames Foundry(their "Viking Bondi" set).  I really like the poseability of these figures although the details are rather subtle.  However, for medium/low quality Dark Ages warriors...they would have simple gear.
I used quite an array of paints to mix up the colors on the guys.  By the time I was done I realized just how many ranges I had utilized: Vallejo Model Color, Vallejo Game Color, Vallejo Model Air, Reaper Master Series, Reaper HD, P3 Paints, Wargames Foundry and even some 30 year old Ral Partha paint pots!  The pelt on the figure to the left was hand made from Lumina air drying clay...which is quickly become my favorite modeling tool!
I like the shields on the Wargames Foundry figures better than the Gripping Beast ones...because I like the rivets around the edge.  I debated whether or not to paint the rim as metal or leather...I opted for the latter(I did some internet research and found that both were used).
Painting the shields on these guys is definitely the most challenging but fun part of the project.  Below you can see how I carved some planks into the shield with an x-acto knife...I figured for my lesser quality warrior troops they might not have the fancy shield coverings..
And finally, the bald guy....
I am going to do a another unit of Hearthguard before I do the other 1/2 of this warrior unit.  I like to paint no more figures than four at a time to avoid unit painting burnout. 

That's all for now....happy belated Easter to everyone!

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