Friday, April 05, 2013

Vikings Warrior Unit Completed...

My quest to complete a warband before Spring Break ends continues...
I finished four more Wargames Factory Viking Bondi figures to complete a unit of warriors for Saga.

Wargames Factory Viking Bondi...Father Comstock is on the right!(Bioshock Infinite reference).
Before purchasing these guys most reviews I read(and watched) suggested that they were fairly lowe on assessment with which I must concurr.  That being said, I did the best I could to paint them up.  I am still glad I made the purchase because the pricepoint is very fair and the extreme variety of possible poses is great.  Furthermore, they will allow me to quickly roll out an inexpensive force(coupled with the Gripping Beast plastic Vikings) that I could later upgrade with nicer sculpts if I so desire.   I have decided to use the Gripping Beast shields with these warriors and the Wargames Factory ones with the Gripping Beast Hearthguard. The Wargames Factory ones are actually more detailed and I like them better for the better equipped warriors...whereas the simpler ones in the GB plastic set seem better suited to these warriors.  

"Turn around, I heard something!"...nah, master just wants to show our paintjob from behind!
With the above four figures I now have a unit of warriors(8 strong) to add to my warband.  I should mention that in an effort to speed paint the figures I used my "magic wash" of Pledge/Water/Brown Ink/Black Ink to bring out the details.  Here is the group shot of the full unit..

"By the might of Thor, charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Thanks for viewing and happpy wargaming everybody!

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