Saturday, April 24, 2010

Terrain Tutorial: Mucky Swamp

Inspired by my Mariner base, I wanted to create a nice swamp terrain piece for my Warmachine boards.  I have made some of these in the past but with much more crude techniques- so I wanted to "take it to the next level".  The project was a simple one using the following materials:
-hardboard(1/8") (for the base)
-spackle a.ka.a. "filler"(for embankment)
-twigs(for downed trees)
-small stones(for rocks)
-dress pins and green stuff(for cattails)
-make-up brush strands(for field grass)
-green stuff(for lily pads)
-sand/kitty litter mix(for dirt texture)
-Envirotex Lite(for water effect)

I was happy with the finished product.  If you want a step-by-step tutorial, be sure to scroll down to the embedded videos or click here...

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    i am going to make an attempt at a similar piece, and will post it on my blog.

    check it out some time, it's a collaboration between my brother and i. a newbie's chronicle of miniature gaming!