Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warmachine Battle Report: 25pt Stryker v. Irusk

After a string of embarrassing, decisive losses, the chain has been broken; my Khadorians have finally triumphed! GDog played Cygnar and chose Stryker as his warcaster, while I brought Irusk with his red horde in tow.  It was a great game.   From the beginning I was used the nice range of my Winterguard Mortar Crew and Bull to slice up his infantry.  However, once the heavies were engaged, his Ironclad and Mule were getting the better of my Destroyer and Juggernaut.  However, in the end, superior numbers allowed me to give him too many targets, and for me to nip away at Stryker.

See the full video Battle Report below(double click to open in a regular window):

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