Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Figure Feature: Sam MacHorne & The Devil Dogs

Having decided to build a Highborn Covenant Merc Army I was immediately attracted to the very versatile and tactically useful Devil Dogs unit.  In addition to their array of melee, ranged and special abilities, as well as their solid stat line, Sam is a Jack Marshall who can drive up to two Merc Warjacks.  Essentially, that means the Devil Dogs are practically an army in their own right when on the field.

The Slug Guns of the Devil Dogs are VERY short range but high power weapons, but the Pick Axes they all carry for melee deal extra damage to knocked down models- convenient given that one of the Dogs carries a metal net with which to knock down enemy 'jacks.

They were a pleasure to paint, and each sculpt in the six figure box set is a unique sculpt.  Click below to see my "Video Figure Feature" for more information...

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