Sunday, February 10, 2013

European Barn Terrain Piece...

Woke up early this morning with the intent to get started on a barn to go with the high walls that I built yesterday.  I wanted to stick with the same khaki stucco/red tile theme. 
The building was made from foamcore with balsa wood for the doors and shutters.  The roof was a pre-fabricated styrene pattern that I cut to size. 

One thing I struggle with in making terrain is that I love the look of a finished base but doing so can limit the piece to one type of battlefield(Spring grass around a barn wouldn't work on my snow laden battlefields).  So I am trying something new...
I made the base an optional piece(not the four tabs that nicely hold the building in place).  I could make additional bases to place the building on(snow, urban, etc.) or the building could stand alone on the gaming table without it.  I think this is an approach I will be using in the future.

Here are some additional photos(the first shows how it integrates with the high walls)...
As this was more of a showcase than a tutorial, if you have any questions on construction/technique just post them in the comments.  Thanks for viewing!

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