Friday, February 22, 2013

Geomorphic Terrain Boards at Long Last

I have wanted to make a geomorphic terrain board for as long as I remember but had never gotten around to it.  Using my vacation week seemed like a perfect opportunity so I dove in.  Here is the result...
Note that the road elements are made to align with each other as are both the barren and grassy patches.  I have always been a fan of this visual style and it will be a fairly neutral battlefield that I can use to simulate various historical periods or fantasy settings.  The individual tiles are 20" by 20".  I made them from 2" styrofoam as they are fairly sturdy(especially once painted). The board were textured with a sand/kitty litter mix, base-coasted in dark brown, dryrbrushed with various browns/beiges and then flocked with static grass.   Also, I plan to later add depressed elements like trenches and rivers so the added thickness will work nicely when I make those tiles.

Now for the best part....they're two-sided...
This really gives me many options as far as quickly designing a gameboard.  Of course the photo above is a pretty barren battlefield so let's see what it looks like with a few terrain elements added and the tiles reconfigured...
Note how the terrain pieces such as hills(top and right of board) and tree stands start to disguise the tiles somewhat.  In addition to trench and river tiles, I plan to build a 2 tile x 2 tile urban section to integrate into the board.
If you have any questions about the gameboard feel free to post them in the comments section.

Happy wargaming everybody!

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  1. Great idea, which has now got me thinking... ;)