Saturday, February 23, 2013

German Heavy Weapons Teams

I completed a small number of PSC(Plastic Soldier Company) German Heavy Weapon Team figures...
Still love everything that this company touches, and their models are a joy to paint...
Panzerschreck Team
Mortar Crew with 82 and 120mm Mortars
German MG-34 Heavy Machine Gun Crew
On deck I have some small terrain elements, more Russians, and several tank models in the works as well as the rest of the figures(not shown) in the PSC German Heavy Weapons set.

(as a final note, here is a WIP shot of some of the minis above...No, I do not paint my nails with Vallejo Model's how I take some paint off my brush when I pull too much off my wet pallette!)
(1)Winsor and Newton Series 7 (2) Minis Blue Tacked to Old Paint Pots (3) Colors Log (4) Thumbnail Paint Thinning
Happy Wargaming Everybody!

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