Thursday, February 28, 2013

Panzer IV's to the Fore...

Well it is still the early stage of painting these Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVH 1/72 tanks(tracks/tools still unplainted, no washes, no pin wash, no weathering, no higlighting...yet) but I like the way the basecoat color and camoflauge looks so far. 
This is my first time every using an airbrush(outside of the practicing I did on some 'junk' tanks) so, given my noobiness, I am fairly pleased.  I used Vallejo Dark Yellow Primer to begin followed with Vallejo Dark Yellow Model Color as a basecoat(which I highlighted with some beige put into the mix).  The camo colors(brown and green) were Vallejo Model Air colors.  They say that you don't need to thin these to spray them in your airbrush I found the brown a little chunkey and I had to go back to apply a little thinner to the cup; it's possible I didn't shake it up well enough before hand.  The green was fine right out of the bottle.   I wanted the camo patterns to have a bit of a faded look so I went back over the whole think with a heavily thinned layer of the Dark Yellow basecoat. 
So now I will move into the detailing stages.....I am excited to see how the whole thing turns out.

On another note, my Plastic Soldier Company order of Pak38 50mm AT Guns just arrived as well as my Battlegroup Kursk rulebook...yay!

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