Sunday, February 24, 2013

Urray!!! Four more Soviets to the salient...

Well we've reached the end of my week of vacation and although I didn't paint as many miniatures as I'd hoped to(naturally), I did get quite a few terrain projects done. 

First off, here are four more Plastic Soldier Company miniatures ready for the gaming table...
(click on any pictures for larger images)
Above you have a Maxim HMG crew, a rifelman and an PPSh SMG gunner.  Of the four, this guy has to be my favorite(probably the best figure in the set actually).  Got to love the sculpted yell..."Urray!!!!!!!!"....
Another shot...
All in all, it was fairly successful vacation hobby-wise and I look forward to sharing my new stuff with my club at school.  Here is a roll call of what I finished over the February break...
-8 PSC 20mm Soviets painted
-8 PSC 20mm Gerrmans painted
-9 Double-Sided Terrain Tiles Completed to make a new gaming board
-3 large hills made for above
-two pine forest terrain pieces made for above
-Orthodox Church terrain piece made
-4x stone wall sections made
-4x rough stone wall sections made
-6x hedges made
-6x wooden fence sections made
-4x bushes terrain sections made
-2x Pegasus hobbies Russian houses made(need custom roofs still, though)

Additionally, my wife built me five tanks that I will be painting in the future with my new airbrush(yay!).  She has been cranking out these Plastic Soldier Company beauties for me at such a nice pace that I have dubbed her my German tank factory("Sarahwerks").  Here they are(unpainted) with more on the way...
My first five PSC tanks...can you identify them?

Vacation may be over but I have many "works in progress" that will be hitting the table in the near future. 

Thanks for viewing,
Happy Wargaming Everybody,

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