Sunday, March 03, 2013

German Artillery Crew and Zvezda Infantry Guns

I finished my first three Plastic Soldier Company German anti-tank gun crewmen. Here they are manning the Pak38 kit that they came with...

PSC Pak38 50mm Anti-Tank Gun with Crew
PSC Anti-Tank Gun Crew

PSC Anti-Tank Gun Crew

Below are some Zvezda 75mm Infantry Guns from their Art of Tactic line.  They came with crewmen(who have o.k. sculpts) but I plan to use the PSC artillerists as their attendants.  I did these a few weeks ago and having the new crewmen reminded me that I forgot to throw them on the blog...

Zvezda 75mm German Infantry Gun with PSC Crew
Zvezda Guns...

That's it for now...still plugging away on Panzer IVH's and more crew for the guns above. 

Happy Wargaming Everybody,

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