Friday, March 22, 2013

German T-34's?

Well, after painting up my Plastic Soldier Company T-34's I could barely stand to look at my first generation Armourfast one's which looked like the rough mockup for the better PSC kit at best.  What do you do with old Soviet tanks that don't mix well with their newer counterparts? Give them to the Germans!...
As you can see I painted over my old Armourfast T-34/76 models with some rudimentary German camo.  I didn't spend that much time on these to be honest...just enough of a makeover to field them as auxiliary units in my German BattleGroup Kursk battlegroup(which the rules allow for by the way). I always find it interesting that the a German SS battalion at Kursk fielded captured and repurposed T-34's.
I like the way the German scheme disguises the simplicity of this kit's design.  It was an o.k. model for it's day...but it is just too short on details.  That being said, it will be fun to pit T-34's against T-34's.  My money's on the German crews.
Well, they'll do for a quick job on a rough model...thanks for viewing everyone.


  1. Terrific idea! Those 'Beutepanzers' look great. I'm making some Finnish T-34/85s and the PSC models were just the job.

  2. Thanks for the kind words...I look forward to seeing your Finnish ones!