Friday, March 29, 2013

The Saga Begins...'s a start.  Now that Battlegroup Kursk has been giving me the historical wargamign itch again, I have been searching for another era to game.  I think I found the game: Saga-Dark Ages Skirmish Game. Here are my first footsoldeirs which are the beginning of my Viking warband.  Hearthguard...
Well it has been a while since I did 28mm figures and, as you can see, I am darn rusty!  It's o.k. though because I know within the next 4-8 figures I'll have my brush control back. 

That being said, I loved these little guys from Gripping Beast's plastics range.  I assembled these guys and painted them within just a few hours.  I'll probably end up springing for the shield decals by Gripping Beast but I wanted to do some freehand ones(I feel like I'm cheating with decals!). 
My plan is to build a Viking warband as well as an Anglo-Danish one.  Then I can introduce the game to my students in the Military History Club....I think they'll like it.  My Saga rulebook is backordered from Michigan Toy Soldier Company(remind me to rant about their customer service sometime...). 
As I am at the beginning of my Spring Break, I am hoping to have a small Viking warband done before my vacation is over.

Thanks for viewing...


  1. Very nice figures, a great work!

  2. Nice work. I like how well the basing matches the battlefield. Good idea.