Saturday, March 02, 2013

German Pak 38 50mm Anti-Tank Guns

When I first heard that Plastic Soldier Company would be producing some 20mm(1/72 scale) German Anti-Tank Guns I was very excited.  After all, their Soviet AT Guns were great little kits.  This brand new kit(I couldn't even wait for it to hit U.S. stores, I imported it directly from the U.K.) comes with four guns in the box.  You can build either the Pak 38 50mm guns(which I did) or there is an optional barrel(and wheels) to mount the French 75mm Pak 97 gun which was a stop-gap measure of employing captured Allied artillery until the Pak 40 was ready for service. 

I painted these in a Vallejo Dark Yellow primer and Model Color basecoat(of the same hue) as I am modeling them as mid-war(Kursk).  I then gave them a spray of gloss varnish and a dark brown wash.  I did some pin washing of the bolts, tooling and welds.
I airbrushed the muzzle brakes with a misting of Vallejo black to simulate use.
The Plastic Soldier Company stuff comes without bases but this was easily rectified with a little plasticard(actually my favorite(cough, cheap) kind..."No Parking" signs from Home Depot cut to size with regular old scissors.   Note that the loose shell casings, shells and ammo boxes are included in the set(as well as 24 crew figures).

I now have boxes and boxes of minis, armor and AT guns waiting to be painted...but Plastic Soldier
Company's kits are so great...I just can't refuse(why their new 1/72 Panzer III's are under construction on my workbench as well).

Happy Wargaming Everybody,

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  1. nice kit, well painted. I will look forward at your site ! regards, David