Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Panzer IV's Complete

Well, admittedly, maybe not completely complete...I am going to add some mud pigments down the line. 
Anways, above are my mostly finished Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Panzer IVH models. 
The Panzer IVH has always been my favorite tank of World War II...there's something about it's harsh lines and pragmatic engineering that make it the quintessential panzer. 
My wife was kind of nice to build these for me so that I could dive in and try my first ever experiment in airbrushing.  Like painting minis, I am sure it is a skill I will improve with over time.
That being said, my goal of making soft-edged mid war German camouflage seems to have been achieved.  I've ben painting miniatures for many years while I never gave much time to my armor(a quick Testor's spray with a simple wash/drybrush at best).  
This time I did a lot of research and added more than just the airbrushing...including a wash over a glosscoat and a pin-wash to bring out the details. 

In the final photo you can see the panzer commander figure that came with the tank. 
So this is the beginning of my Grossdeutschland Division armored contingent with much more on the way.

Thanks for viewing...happy wargaming everybody,


  1. Man, they look great, I'd be really pleased with the end result if they were mine. Well done!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, sir.