Sunday, February 28, 2010

Heavy Infantry Support for Khador and Cygnar

I finished my Khador Mortar Crew and Cygnar Chaingun Crew.   The Chaingun was ineffective in the first game I fielded it(see last Battle Report), but now the curse of the unpainted mini is cast off!  I have yet to use the Mortar Crew in battle but I am very much looking forward to it's 20" range!
These were my first Winterguard and Trencher pieces so I experimented a great deal with paints and washes- some of it good, some not so good.  I chose a darker metal(old Ral Partha "Copper") for the Trencher armor and I like the look.  I also went with a blue-grey overcoat for the Khador men.
These may not look like great paint jobs but I have to tell you, I've become a better mini painter since starting Warmachine.  The sculpts just ooze character- and they deserve my best!  I'll get better in time, but my main advice to beginners is SLOW DOWN.   It pays big dividends to allow yourself at least an entire day, or multiple days to spend on just one model. 

A final note about bases.  All of my Khadorians have a snowy motif to match my Winter Village terrain, while my Cygnarians have an old stone with grass growing over it to match my Ancient Ruins terrain.

The red/grey Khador color combo reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the East's guards' uniforms from the Wizard of Oz- ever see it?.  Sorry, can't resist...

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