Monday, February 08, 2010

Warmachine Batrep 1: Khador v Cygnar

Today was my first Warmachine game! My son and I have finally have filled out our ranks of starting Khador and Cygnar armies with enough minis to play. My son played Cygnar and took the following:
-Coleman Stryker(Warcaster)
-Lancer(Light Warjack)
-Charger(Light Warjack)
-Ironclad(Heavy Warjack)
-Gorman de Wulfe(Merc solo)
I played Khador and took this army:
-Kommander Sorscha(Warcaster)
-Juggernaut(Heavy Warjack)
(Heavy Warjack)
-Eiryss(Merc solo)

Below you can see our battlefield(Khadorian Winter Village) and deployment edges...

I cautiously move into town, waiting to see what Gareth has in mind as far as movement...

Gareth keeps his forces tucked in tight behind cover as he enters the town(sorry, haven't painted Cygnar yet)....

...but then he splits his forces. He moves Stryker and his Lancer to his left, holds backs his Ironclad in the center and goes right-flanking with Gorman and his Charger. I think he has made a critical error, moving his Charger out of his warcaster's control area.

The Destroyer, with his long range bombard, covers the central area of town(this should keep Gorman and the Charger away from the beating I plan to give Stryker!) while Eiryss takes the left(off screen) to further pin down his right. My Juggernaut heads down the right behind the tavern towards his Lancer and Warcaster. . I keep Sorscha's command zone near my two 'jacks.

Gareth moves his Lancer out with Stryker in support. Stryker's ranged attack fails to penetrate my armor. Here is where I make a critical error. Over-zealous to beat up on his Lancer with my heavier Juggernaut, I run in to attack him. At first everything is initial swing of my Ice Axe cleaves off his left arm and cuts into his cortex- no more shield or focus for him! But wait, the old adage "Out of sight, out of mind" betrays me. What's right behind that tavern? Yeah, his heavy- his Ironclad! Silly me!

In the meantime on my left flank Gareth tries to run Gorman in to throw an Acid Flask at Eiryss, but he misses pitifully. Apparently endeavoring to match his poor aim, I run with Eiryss for a double melee attack and miss with both my crossbow bayonet and my sabre. Pathetic!

Gareth's Ironclad has now engaged me behind the tavern but I survive the first blow. Sorscha uses her feat to freeze the Cygnarians in this area, and I use this respite to finish off the Lancer. Unfortunately, a turn later when the Ironclad gets his second swing in I lose my axe arm and my cortex due to a devastating blow.

In the turn while his left flank units are frozen by my Icy Gaze(feat), Gareth freely moves his Charger through the middle of town and lays a couple of shots into my Destroyer- both shots hit but fail to penetrate my heavy warjack armor-plating. In the meantime, Gorman successfully disengages, circles around Eiryss, and this time hits her with a second Acid Flask attack- she does not survive. There goes my flank!

After another round of my doing decent damage against his Ironclad, Gareth responds with a surprise move. His Ironclad disengages from my Juggernaut and scoots over to Sorscha. With a devastating melee assault boosted by his warcaster, I lose my leader in a single melee attack. Warcaster over.

Visual Recap....S=Stryker,L=Lancer,I=Ironclad,C=Charger,G=Gorman,J=Juggernaut,S=Sorscha,D=Destroyer,E=Eiryss:

Well, once again Gareth has bested me in a wargame! I learned a valuable lesson- be sure to protect your warcaster! Looking back, I realize I could have tried the same thing against his very aggressive caster, but I focused on his 'jacks instead. He was the first to seize the moment though and deliver the critical strike! I also learned that though the brawn of my heavy warjacks was worth the cost, he presented too many targets which gave him more tactical options. I will have to look out for this when we are field much larger armies some day. Bottom line- I LOVE Warmachine. Great rules, great minis....great fun!

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