Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Khadorian Widowmakers Unit

I think what first drew me to Warmachine was the fantastic sculpts of their minis. The "half medieval, half industrial" look of the miniatures in a world where steam-powered machines meets middle ages' stlye knights are wonderful. Therefore, it was a pleasure to paint up these Widowmakers.

The Widowmakers are a Khador faction unit with "Hunting Rifles" which give them a nice ranged attack. They can get forward deployment on the board and can pathfind their way through difficult terrain with no movement penalty. They also have "camouflage" which gives them extra benefits from covering and concealing terrain. If you will, they are the 'rangers' of Khador.

I love the look of these minis and deciding how to paint them was difficult. I definitely wanted something muted for their overcoats so I went with an olive green color. That being said, I wanted them to show their Khador pride so the armor plates, scabbards and coat turnbacks are red. The female leader I have dubbed "Sarah" as my wife of the same name is tall, blond and a very tough lady! Although the photos aren't great I was very happy with how the faces came out- some new techniques worked for me. The bases have a snow motif- I used sand-textured bases, white paint and some baking soda for the snow effect.

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