Friday, February 26, 2010

Video Battle Report: Cryx v Cygnar (small battle)

GDog and I had another small game as we work through the Mark II rules. We did a little Cryx v. Cygnar gaming using our Ancient Ruins terrain(and some other bits).  He really ruled me...and I discovered how much I hate(and underestimated) bonejacks!  Between their arc nodes and their high DEF they were pesky buggers!

Gareson's Cygnarian Force=Kara Sloan, Chaingun Crew, Ironclad, Charger, Dannon Blythe and Bull
GDog's Cryxian Force=Deneghra, Slayer, Deathripperx2, Defiler, Necrotech and Scrapthrall, Gorman de Wulfe
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the report...

(note: Bull cannot really shoot as part of Kara's Firing Squad feat as he is not part of her battlegroup- a small oversight which did, fortunately, did not impact the game's outcome)


  1. Nice battle report and I noticed the amount of terrain you guys use. Do you use the same amount in higher point levels?

  2. Good question. With the small battles that I've been reporting on so far we like to go terrain-heavy. Certainly with more models on the board we will typically scale it down.