Thursday, May 07, 2009

Battle for Villers Marie

Club met and engaged in a pitched battle for Villers Marie- a small French hamlet which American forces had scrambled to occupy(only to face an onslaught by a larger German force).

The forces arrayed were:
Americans: 2xM4 Sherman(76mm),1 xM4 Sherman(75mm), 1 xM3 Stuart, 16 Infantry, 1x50mm mortar
Germans: 2xPanzer V Panther, 1xPanzer IV F, 1xPanzer IVH, 1xSdkfz 222 Armored Car, 1xSdkfz 231/1, 1xSdkfz 231/9, 1x75mm AT gun, 22 Infantry, 1x82mm mortar

The American objective was simply to survive, with the promise of a reinforcment force on the way. The Germans approached from the west seeking to eliminate the "yankees".

A Panzer IV and two Panthers advance across a harvested field towards the town. Some French farmer is not going to be happy!
To the north, massed German infantry with half-track support approach the ford across the river.
The American forces are thinly stretched but spread out to cover the major approaches into the town.
A Sherman prepares to decimate anything that dares cross the river.
German forces approach the ford, but few would make it across. About the time they reach the water's edge, American tank and mortar fire cause havoc amongst their ranks.
Brave or ill-advised? A Sdkfz 222 armored car plows forward across the bridge...shortly thereafter it was burning wreckage.
A Sherman peels open a Sdkfz 231/9...not very encouraging to the even less-armored Wehrmacht troops on its flanks.

American reinforcements arrive in the town! 2xM3 Grants, 1 Half track and five more infantry deploy to beef up the defenses.
Without a target in sight, this G.I. decides to take pot shots at an SS Recruitment Poster!

Finally some German armor crosses into the town square, but subsequently into a crossfire of Sherman, Grant and Stuart tanks.

Througout the battle this 50mm mortar crew killed and disrupted the German infantry advance to the north. These guys never saw their handiwork, but it figured significantly into the battle.
As dusk sets, a German Panther takes down a Sherman, but with ammo running low, the Germans withdraw in good order with their three remaining tanks. The Americans have held their ground.

And finally...the or "best shot of the game award" goes to Stephen who fired on an American BAR gunner in a building window. With a -2 for firing and moving, -1 for height disadvantage, -1 for shooting through trees and -2 for building cover...he needed a 12 to kill his target(note the roll picture below!).

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