Saturday, May 02, 2009

Friday Night Fight...Part 2

Here is the second part of our U.S. ETO troops vs. Fallschirmager engagement. I was hoping to win the battle of surviving tanks so my Panzer IV could help my dwindling infantry force.

As shown above, a fierce battle was raging for the stone wall on the North side of the battlefield(the yellow discs identify disrupted soldiers). What you can't see in Gareth's other halftrack with its 50cal bearing down on my men!

Finally some good news for the Wehrmacht!- My Panzer IV took out his other Sherman. Yet...he immobilized me before I got the killshot so now I can't move to support the infantry skirmish!

My infantry has given up the wall after a beating and has hunkered down in a line of bushes. Gareth relentlessly pursued with this halftrack and infantry.

My immobilized Panzer IV does not miss the opporunity to pick on Gareth's half track which is conveniently just down the road in clear line of sight. My AP shell makes quick work of it. (unfortunately a rogue bazooka-armed G.I. hit the weak rear armor of my immobile tank the following turn)

...but my fun is shortlived. When my MG-42 armed sole survivor takes down two men in melee I begin to hope I can pull it out. Just be to safe, though, Gareth sends his remaining five men after me. My last man goes down...and Gareth emerges victorious once again.

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