Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Night Fight...Part 1

Opposing Forces:
Americans: 2xM4, 2x, 15 Infantry, 1 50m mortar

Germans: 1xPanzer IV(H), Sdkfz 251/9 Half Track, Sdkfz 222 Armored Car, 15 Infantry, 81mm mortar

Gareth and I engaged in an American Infantry vs. Fallschirmjager battle tonight. Our forces converged from opposing sides in a meeting engagement...the church was at the center, altough our battle would skirt around the structure as we both tried to keep our infantry close to vehicular support fire.
A view of Gareth's armoed column moving out...two M4(76mm model) Shermans supported by halftracks.
Some of my German Fallschirmjager deploying forward near the hedgerows.

My Panzer IV(H) and Sdkfz 251/9(halftrack with 75mm gun) deploy near the Southeast corner of the church.

After I fail in an initial blitz, one of Gareth's Shermans scores a direct hit on my halftrack!

On the North side of the church a separate engagement rages. I send in my 20mm-armed armored car to wreak havoc amongst his halftracks...but of course the bazooka-armed G.I.(seen in the pic) uses his rocket launcher as a can opener!

More tomorrow...

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