Monday, May 25, 2009

Half-Timbered Row House

With the last of my corkboard(I used much of it on the city buildings and "Deutsche Heroes" Tavern that I will be showcasing in upcoming posts) I made a half-timbered row house. The building consists of cork and stryrofoam construction(styrofoam for the brick facade on the lower level only). The timbers are matchsticks(not actual matches) with spackle(filler) applied between them to achieve the desired effect. I painted the walls tan and gave them a wash of watered-down brown.

The chimney is made from styofoam with bricks carved via x-acto knife and ball point pen. The chimney topper is a thumb tack with the top plate replaced by a small wooden "bit" that I found at Michael's Craft Store.

Here you can see the three sections dissasembled. There is little interior detail as this is strictly a gaming piece.

Finally I thought you might like to see my "shingles"- cut-up cardboard from a cereal box. It is indeed the most time-consuming part of a model such as this to apply the shingles(however, it is fun if you have the patience!).

Materials Used:
Roof Shingles-Cardboard
Chimney-1" Stryrofoam(carved with x-acto/ball point pen)
Chimney Pot: Thumbtack, Wooden Craft Bit from Michael's
Roof Structure-Matting Board(thick cardboard)
Top Floor:
Timbers: Matchsticks(craft store type)
Stucco: Spackle
Walls: Corkboard
Base-Matting Board(thick cardboard)
Bottom Floor:
Front Facade-1" Stryrofoam(carved with x-acto/ball point pen)
Door Frame-Wooden Craft Sticks(a.k.a. coffee stirrers)
Walls: Corboard
Base-Matting Board(thick cardboard)

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