Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mid-Week Mechanized Engagement Part II

Day 2...
Finally my flanking Tiger has reached the north side of the town and has positioned itself on the bridge- but there is little left of the rest of my force by now. This Panzer VI will have to be an army of one!
I do catch one of Gareth's Shermans with a nice rear armor shot- poof!
Not long after that kill, and a few American shells just missing me- I score a hit on a second Sherman! Maybe I have a chance after all(but see that Olive Drab shadow on the road behind me across the river- one of Gareth's Grants is closing- having followed my same path using the ford to the east!).

Meanwhile my last resistance in the town, a couple of infantryman, have been cornered by a halftrack and Gareth's G.I.'s...not a chance for me this time!

After knocking out the two Shermans I grow hopeful- but Gareth's end-run Grant immobilizes me, while a second, still in the town, delivers a knock-out. Gareth's massing riflemen and BAR gunners eliminate my last two soldiers on the bridge for good measure.

Roaming the streets unopposed, the Americans gesture to the civilians that it's alright to come out now- the town has been liberated.

Another victory for my son....another loss for dad!

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