Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mid-Week Mechanized Engagement Part I

Gareth and I squared off again for an American vs. G.I. battle. He brought the following to the fight:
Americans: 2xM4 Sherman(76mm), 2xM3 Grant, 1x Half Track, 15 Infantry
I brought:
Germans: 2xPanzer VI Tiger, 1 Jagdpanzer IV, 1 Half Track, 15 Infantry

The image below shows our initial deployment locations- we would be converging on a small town which was sure to make for an interesting street fight.
A view of my two Tigers and tank riders. I anticipated good hunting against his measely Shermans and Grants...silly Amerikaner and their tin cans!
A nice look at Gareth's armor streaming in from the town from the West. Unseen in the picture is a flank escort of infantry making their way through the church.
Below you can see our initial deployments. I made stunted moves into nice firing positions- opting to let him move into my field of fire. Gareth took full advantage of my cautious approach and he quickly moved in to take most of the town. I sent a rogue Tiger across a ford to the north side of the river(bottom of the picture)- I planned to flank him later.
Our initial engagement saw me outgunned in the town, but I was counting on my thick armor and flanking panzer(who would get there eventually!) to even the odds.
Unfortunately, Gareth rolled high and immobilized my Tiger and knocked out my Jagdpanzer! Darn! Of course my first shots missed their mark.

My "end run" Tiger continued to make its way around the flank, but now my infantry in the town had no surviving armor support for the moment. Schnell, Tiger, schnell!!!

To be continued...

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