Thursday, August 11, 2011

Announcing "Just The Bases"...

"Natural Textured Base" by Adary
Adary(a regular contributor on the Privateer Press forum) and myself(Gareson) have teamed up to launch a blog(Just The Bases) dedicated to creating custom bases for your miniatures. Though it is in its infancy, and will certainly get 'dressed up' and filled up with more content in the future, you can check it out here...

Our goal is to create a repository of custom basing techniques for your PP miniatures. We will fill the site with a variety of both video and pictorial tutorials showing you how to achieve nice results for your bases.

Go take a look and be sure to check back...we've got more content planned. We would love to include more people from the PP community in this team effort! If you would like to become a member of our blogging team...
1. leave a comment(here or on the justhebases site letting me know)
2. share a link showing some of your custom base work

Happy Wargaming Everybody!

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