Friday, August 05, 2011

Figure Feature: Khador Kommandos

For a long time I held off on buying these guys...I just wasn't sure I liked the sculpts(was afraid they'd be too diminutive when I saw them in person).  Well a few months ago I picked them up and I have finally gotten around to painting them up...well, I like 'em.  I opted for a "Special Ops", very dark(black) scheme for these guys...avoiding the greys and greens I often opt to use on my Khadorans.  As it was a unit(with Flamethrower attachment) I didn't give each figure the same time I'd give to a solo model, but I think they came out o.k. nonetheless...
(click on images for larger models)
For the bases I used a "Destroyed Trench" theme that I will also be applying to my Kommander Strakhov warcaster model.  Basically some balsa wood bits, stryene(for steel trench supports), green stuff sand bags and the usual grit(sand and kitty litter mix).  Here's an overhead view for a better look at the bases...


  1. They look nice. I like the basing, and I think you did a good job on the "special ops" coloring. I'm still not sold on the sculpts myself - but I need to pick up some Khador stuff sooner or later, to move them beyond the battlebox phase, so I'll probably get them before the end of the year.

  2. I've always liked the figures, just haven't got around to getting them yet. Your scheme just sold me on them. I love it (and will need to "borrow" it). Great idea!

  3. great now I have to come up with a new paint scheme for my kommandos..grr. you got yours posted up before mine. oh well back to the drawing board.