Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Figure Feature: Gun Mage Captain Adept

A great toolbox solo(especially for fighting my son's pesky incorporeal Cryx models), the Gun Mage Captain Adept is a great mini that, I believe, clearly inspired Privateer Press to go back and rework their Gun Mage unit to match the quality of this sculpt.

Here's my take on him...
He was a lot of fun to paint(as is the case with most Warmahordes figures).  I gave him a custom base carved into Vallejo Stone texture.  I hope you like the effect...
On my front burner now is a unit of Kossite Woodsmen....and not being a cookie cutter standard uniform type unit(which look great but are drudgery to paint) I am actually looking forward to doing them!

Happy Wargaming Everybody!

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